Federation Charity 2018-2021

The original Charity project for the three years 2018-2021 was to provide funding for the building of a high school for girls in a village in Ogwa, Nigeria. Unfortunately, at the beginning of 2021, owing to vandalism by local youth and because of a dispute about the ownership of the land, this project had to be abandoned. The Sisters in Nigeria, however, had recently taken over the management of  a primary school in Mgbowo, which had previously been established by the Norbertine Fathers, who have since withdrawn from the locality. At the handover, the school had 96 pupils – 43 boys and 53 girls. It was in a sorry state of repair. The SND Sisters in Nigeria asked if they could transfer the money given by the BFNDA Charity to fund this new project of the structural repair and the managerial restructuring of this school. Having been assured that none of the earlier donations had been spent, the Executive Committee agreed to this. During my three years of my presidency, we raised a total of £13,500 for this charity. There was an additional contribution of a legacy of £4,000 from the BFNDA chaplain Fr. Chris Thomas’s aunt Maureen. The project was successfully completed.

Diane Donovan


Federation Charity 2021-2024

                                                     Water Purification

                                    The African Well Project in   Kitenda, Congo.

The African Photovoltian Project (APP) produces electricity, purifies water and provides internet technology and has provided access to secure water in 16 countries in Africa in the last 20 years.

Water is presenting a global challenge for survival.  The challenges come from both rising sea levels and raging floods but in the Congo the water issue is the LACK of water.   They need to dig deep to secure access to the deep water under the soil.

The project we are supporting is in Kitenda Congo.  The sisters and workmen have worked hard to complete the first part of the project which has been completed and activated. The first part was providing one spout for water with piping, pumps and filters powered by solar energy to purify the water which comes under the soil from the river. 

There is always more to do.  Sr Lorraine Connell has been in contact with the engineer and the details of the future project which is very detailed and expensive.  They want to develop and install a water supply for community access and to community members, women, children and families living in poverty.   They would welcome our participation.



BFNDA have recently received donations to the charity from donors who have left no information to facilitate an acknowledgment. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your gift