Federation Charity 2018-2021

The Charity project for the three years 2018-2021 is to provide funding towards the building of a high school for girls in a village in NigeriaArtists impression of new school

The following is an edited version of two reports from Nigeria , one from Sr Julie Atkinson SND dated 18th September 2020 and the other from Sr Edith Eneh SND dated 20th September 2020.

Schools in Edo State have not yet opened since the total lockdown in March. Top Primary Classes did re-open to sit their final exams.

To date there is no news as to whether the classes will resume as they left off in March – or whether they will begin a new school year.

There have been few cases of COVID19 in Edo State except in Benin City. We try for social distancing in Church and Banks – but not in markets, where it is free for all as usual.

Masks are worn for Church and travelling.

We pray that our God will see us through to the end of it. Here in Nigeria none of the Sisters or family members contracted the virus.

The contractor has graded the place and is beginning with the perimeter fencing of the land after which the erection of the building proper will begin.There is need to secure the land with a fence in order to prevent encroachment and vandalism. This is now in progress.

Recently we have been able to hire a bulldozer to start clearing the land.

Update:   This area in Nigeria has been particularly badly hit by COVID19 and so work is progressing very slowly at the moment.

Donations to OGWA charity

2018-2019  £5000

2019-2020  £3500

The previous charity was the work SPRED in Glasgow

The total  sum donated by individual members and through fundraising events organised by constituent associations during the three years 2015-2018 was £14,000.


If you feel inclined to express your gratitude to the Sisters of Notre Dame for the years you spent with them, you can contact us and we will let you know how to make a donation.

BFNDA have recently received donations to the charity from donors who have left no information to facilitate an acknowledgment. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your gift